I fell like going to Montreal tomorrow and walk around and go eat in this Japanese place I totally felt in love with that my sister showed me and watch a movie and shop and eat something real good and just think about anything and do whatever comes to my mind. I don’t know, it fells like I need to get away from everything lately. All I do is work, eat, sleep, nothing, work, work, nothing and work.

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did u all know tht 10cm sung the opening for kimi ni todoke?? its #amazing

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pros and cons to having boobs:

-finding tops/dresses which fit
-the lying on ur front issue
-wrapping urself in a towel (harder than it sounds)
-they get cold in the bath bc theyre not in the water
-back ache ow
-swimming costumes and bikinis
-“my eyes are up here”
-running. like jfc
-pAiNN during periods

-squishy squish

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If I ever get married, I’ll probably just wear a simple white dress, him a simple black shirt and we’ll buy simple rings, have a simple diner with our best friends and family in a normal place or even at home after signing the paper to end it all by traveling the word. It would just be… simple.

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namjoon rejecting taehyung’s bicycle date offer

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B-Bomb Booty

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[FANTAKEN] 140710, On the way to Cultwo Show, ChangSub  | ©febshower0226

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and who is the maknae here???

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NEO doing heart♥

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some pictures of jhope that are very important to me

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can’t-stop-laughing myungsoo at whatever sunggyu was talking…

can’t-stop-laughing myungsoo at whatever sunggyu was talking…

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blast from the past: actor lee hongki

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